What Occurs When You Are Charged With A Crime?

Charged With A Crime

There are a lot of people who will try to avoid criminal activity as much as possible. Yet, there are some who may give in to their emotions or they feel that they need to commit a certain crime in order to survive. When you watch television show and movies, you will see that the suspect is usually arrested, interrogated, then jailed. What they do not show is how long the process normally is. There are different criminal lawyers in Toronto who are willing to help people who are being charged with a crime. People deserve to be given a chance to defend themselves. Learn more about the right lawyer who can defend you in court when you check this profile.

You may become arrested by the police and they will be in charge of filing a report. The prosecutor will read the report of the police and will decide if you should be charged with a crime or not. You can be charged with a crime faster if someone else has filed a case against you. They may have their own lawyers and they will make sure that you will immediately be charged for something that you may or may not have done. The key is to look for a criminal lawyer Toronto that you can trust that will make sure that you will be given proper guidance about your situation. Find details from the Yellow Pages to make the right decision.

There are instances when a preliminary hearing is done first so that the judge can decide if there is enough evidence for the charge to proceed. If not, then you no longer have to worry although the other party can file an appeal. The decision will be available in two to three days. It will depend on the jurisdiction where your case is being filed. All the details that you have to know about the legal process will be very hard to understand especially if you never knew any details about the law before. It is best that you will look for the right lawyer now so that you will have someone who can explain the whole process every step of the way.

There are instances when there is no need for a preliminary hearing anymore because there are just too many evidences that are presented that there is no doubt that the case will be heard. It will depend on how grave your charges are but you may be indicted by a grand jury. When this happens, the jury will decide whether you are guilty or not. Are you already having some trouble understanding the whole process? Find the right Newmarket criminal lawyer who will answer all of your questions.

Some people may decide that they do not need a lawyer and they will just try to defend themselves in court. There are times when you do not need a Toronto criminal lawyer especially if your case is minor. If it is major, then you may harm your chances of being free. You may say things that will not help your case at all. Do yourself a favor and find the right lawyer who can help you out.

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