Who Is Held Responsible In A Car Sharing Accident?

Car sharing is on the rise in Florida and it can often lead to some confusion on the part of insurance coverage and responsibility during an accident. Car sharing involves car owners essentially renting out their vehicles to other drivers in a marketplace. Some other examples of carsharing are uber and lyft. There have been some rulings on liability concerning private rental cars and car sharing but these concepts are still relatively new under Florida law. Although car sharing can be seen as extremely convenient as well as an excellent…

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5 Surprising, But Not Uncommon Causes Of Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of driving and happen every day. Most car accidents are a combination of human error and external conditions, with both factors contributing to the unfortunate result of an accident. There are many common kinds of car accidents. However, some circumstances surrounding many accidents are often surprising because most people do not consider them when they think about car accidents. Road Layout Design The layout and design of a road can contribute to accidents. Streets that contain blind turns, unpredicted stops or drops in speed…

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What A Clients Should Know About Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences

Road traffic offences are sets of rules and law governing driving and drivers while on the road. Road traffic offences are complex area of the law with serious penalties when broken, these penalties ranges from; probation order, a fine, going to jail, incurring a disadvantage or demerit points on driving licence and so on. The prospect of a potential client going to court can be very daunting and challenging especially when serious offences have been committed, it might lead to lost of a clients driving permit and licence and for…

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