What Is An Arrest Warrant?

What Is An Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document granted to a police department by a court of law, which gives them power to arrest an individual or group of individuals.

If you’re concerned that an arrest warrant has been issued for yourself, you may want to consider investigating it online.

How Can I Check For My Arrest Warrant Online?

There are a few ways to investigate active arrest warrants through the internet. Starting with…

Searching An Online Public Records Database

An online public records database is likely the best way to investigate an active arrest warrant. With just your full name, and the state you live in, you can find an active arrest warrant in moments. However, make sure you only utilize quality sites, like SpyFly. Other online public records databases may possess discrepancies in their information, whereas SpyFly prides itself on keeping their records as accurate as possible. In many cases, their records are identical to the ones published by the government itself, meaning you can trust that the information supplied to you is accurate and correct.

Visit Local Law Enforcements Website

While this option won’t be available to everyone, it’s worth noting. In some states, law enforcement will publish active arrest warrants on their websites, allowing you to search for your own. However, they may be slow to publish their information. In addition, many state websites are poorly optimized, and you may be required to search manually through every single arrest warrant, looking for your own. Even if you don’t find it, that won’t mean that one hasn’t been issued. It could mean that law enforcement has chosen not to publish your warrant online, or it could mean that they simply haven’t gotten around to it. Given the margins for error, it’s difficult to trust law enforcement websites completely.

Visit Your County Courts’ Website

In larger counties and states, they may be able to provide access to active arrest warrants online. However, you will need to fill out a for, and apply for access to the specified record. If the county chooses, they may deny your access. They may also decide to record your search, and report to law enforcement that you’re aware of your arrest warrant. This may spur the police to arrest you sooner, giving you less time to act.

It’s important to note that you should never try to evade arrest. That is illegal, and can increase your sentence if found guilty. However, if you do find an arrest warrant has been issued for yourself, then you should immediately seek out an attorney. They can provide you with legal counsel, and advise you on what you should do next regarding the warrant.

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