Cryptocurrency Review: Getting to Know New York Coin

Over the years, several digital currencies have been created for some specific purposes. Ethereum was created for Smart Contracts, while Ripple found a use as a payment protocol.

There’s another option for the reality of modern life: New York Coin. New York Coin is designed to provide customers and merchants with an efficient and reliable alternative to the existing payment solutions. The payment protocol is not under the control of anyone. It upholds the the operating principle of most quality cryptocurrencies: decentralization, while ensuring a 30 second block time which is faster than many other crypto alternatives.

Furthermore, New York Coin is acceptable easily via the MyCryptoCheckout plugin which is available for WordPress which makes it easy for most e-commerce websites to accept New York Coin as an option. With its fast speed and low fees New York Coin is a great alternative to banking. No delays, no chargebacks, no need to trust anyone – simply conducted transactions within a short enough time frame to be used in our modern world.

You don’t necessarily need an e-wallet to hold your coin. New York Coin has a variety of options to hold your coins whether through the coinomi wallet or an NYC paper wallet, or the QT wallet available for download at (for PC, Mac or Linux). Never leave that responsibility to a third party. Your coins are yours. Keep them.

All over the world, small businesses have turned to this coin and accepted it as one of the available payment options for their clients or customers. If you want to patronize any of such businesses, visit New York Coin Stores at You’ll find a long list of businesses you can go to and use. What’s more, the coin is available for new businesses that want to embrace New York Coin as a payment option. It is a great way to attract cryptocurrency users into your customer base, a decision that will have a positive impact on your sales.

In order to offer a golden opportunity to people around the world to take advantage of this technology, encourages users to invite their friends and family to sign up at Free New York Coins Online so that they can each get 1,000 NYC today! If you want more, feel free to buy New York Coin today for PayPal. It is a great opportunity for potential Cryptocurrency users.

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