Liability In Dog Bite Cases

Dog Bite Cases

In most cases, it is the dog owner that is legally responsible for any dog bite that appears, together with other possible injuries that were caused by the owned animals. However, it is also possible that someone else is liable, usually together with the owner. Detroit dog bite lawyers always look at all parties involved in order to be fully aware of who bears the fault of the incident. Besides the dog owner, it is also possible that the following parties can be considered at fault in specific situations. Harborers…

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Anti-Money Laundering Programs: Stalwart Defenders Against a Criminal Triumvirate

Anti-Money Laundering Programs

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) of 1970 is a U.S. law targeted to fight money laundering – the illicit practice of making illegally obtained monies appear “clean” by filtering said funds through a series of transactions designed to give the appearance that the monies came from legitimate activities. In the decades since, the BSA has been bolstered and enforced by the implementation and oversight of better defined and ever-evolving anti-money laundering initiatives and programs. By 1987, regulators were examining financial institutions’ Anti-Money Laundering compliance programs for proper and effective implementation.…

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Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support in TX?

spousal maintenance

Whether or not you will be required by the court to pay spousal support (also called maintenance) in Texas upon divorce depends upon a variety of wide-ranging factors. If, however, there is a court order requiring you to pay spousal support, it is your legal obligation to do so. If your financial circumstances have changed significantly since your spousal support payments were ordered, you may be able to obtain a spousal support modification, but your obligation to pay remains intact until you do so. In other words, it’s complicated, and…

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