Why Public Arrest Records Help Reduce Crime

Why Public Arrest Records Help Reduce Crime

Arrest records have been considered public information ever since the Freedom of Information Act was passed back in the late sixties. Many people wonder why these public arrest records being publicly available would help reduce crime, and how they impact the world. Public arrest records are very common for people to search for, and services that help people find these records have only grown over time.

Providing an Added Deterrent.

The regular deterrent to committing a crime is either jail or severe fines, and an added mark to their record that can be accessed by law enforcement and other entities. For the vast majority of people, this is enough of a deterrent. Most people don’t want to go to jail, and don’t want any extra hassle from the police because of something they did. Being arrested also comes with having to go to court, which can end up costing a lot in legal fees especially if they hire an attorney.

With the ease of accessibility that public arrest records have, this has added yet another deterrent for people that may commit crimes. Not only will they have to face all of the legal consequences, but they will possibly have to face social backlash as well. Many people access public arrest records, either as a hobby or a protective measure, and this gives them an idea of any given person’s past.  Many people are very well aware of this, and it makes them give an extra thought before committing a crime to decide it’s really worth it in the long run.

Where to Find Public Arrest Records.

Finding public arrest records is easy enough, and there are a couple different methods. Typically courts and sheriff’s departments will have arrest records available on their websites. The way this is presented can vary drastically from county to county, as well as the accuracy of the information. This discrepancy can have a lot to do with funding and resources, but for the most part it’s easy enough to check from county to county to find this information.

The other method is by using an online background check service. These companies access hundreds, if not thousands, of public records databases all across the county. This method is especially useful for people who are looking into a specific person and don’t know exactly where they need to check. Many people conduct these kinds of searches every single day! In many cases, these services will be able to provide things like driving history, court records, arrest records, and even criminal records. In many cases they are able to provide even more information than this, and most of these companies strive to provide the most accurate information available.

Public Access for Public Information.

It’s no wonder that there are laws on the books specifically to make public information more easily accessible. Since the late sixties this has been the case. Some states even go farther with their own transparency laws, like Florida. With the rise of the internet, and the popularity of dating apps, it’s no wonder that public arrest records searches have only grown more and more popular. Finding out this information can warn you if a specific person could possibly cause a threat to your well being, making this information not only easy to access but very useful at the same time.

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