When Should You Hire A Family Law Attorney?

Family Law

Divorce is a reality that many marriages are facing nowadays. Marriage does not end with happily live ever after like in fairy tales. Somehow, at a point in marriage, an incident will happen and one partner will get dissatisfied with the other. When disagreement occur, the couples often choose to quarrel and mention about divorcing. Couples are permitted to file for divorce themselves but there is also the option to hire a family law attorney. So, when should you hire a family law attorney?

Child Custody

Child custody is the reason why many couples fight when divorcing. Children inherit the DNA of both parents and it can be frustrating when one of the parents want to keep the children to himself/herself. Sometimes, this may be necessary due to some reasons that make the other partner unqualified. Child custody case usually involves a lot of fighting in the court so you should hire the best family law attorney Mckinney Tx that you can find to represent you.

Child Support

Your ex-spouse agree to let you have the children but disagree with you about providing the amount of child support you requested. Child support is necessary for many divorcees when one of them is used to stay at home to take care of the children and the other one is the bread winner. You will need to get it written down in agreement on the amount of child support your ex-spouse agree to pay. The agreement matters for the children’s lives for years into the future until they are old enough to work and earn a living.

Domestic Abuse

If one spouse is demonstrating domestic abuse, you should take it seriously and get help from a family law attorney. The attorney has the ability to draft a restraining order so that the abusive spouse cannot come near you and your children. You have the option of getting the lawyer to represent you and attend court trial if your abusive spouse did not abide by the restraining order.

Family Law

Marital Debt

Marital debt can be the cause of quarreling between couples in divorce. Both keep arguing back and forth about who is going to pay what bills. When there is no reaching of a conclusion, the solution is to hire a family law attorney. The attorney will do his best in providing assistance to divide the debt equally. He will first start with discussing that the debt should be divided 50/50. From there, the argument goes on as to whether one of the partners is willing to take on more responsibility for the debt. Examples of argument that can be made on marital debt are debt incurred without spousal knowledge, and debt incurred without agreement of the other spouse.

Division Of Properties

Another common reason why divorce couples hire family law attorney is when there is the involvement of argument about the division of properties. Couples who have married for several years will have some properties together. For example, they may own a few houses and vehicles together. They may have some savings in a joined bank accounts. They may invest in some businesses together. One of the partner may argue that he/she is due to have more than what the other partner argue. The family law attorney can provide advice about property division and assist in dividing the properties fairly.

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