What are my Rights if My Child Slipped and Fell While at School?

Child Slipped and Fell While at School

Playing in the classroom or playground is part of growing up. Unfortunately, the same can be said for injuries sustained from playing such as a graze on the knee or a harmless bump on the arm. Minor accidents are common in sports fields, buildings, and playgrounds when children climb frames or play tag and run around. However, sometimes a slip and fall accident at a school can result in major and life-threatening injuries. Therefore, even if we want kids to be kids and explore the world by themselves, the adults or teachers present have a responsibility of ensuring the kids are playing in a safe environment. Moreover, local authorities must also ensure every education premises within the area is well-maintained.

Schools have a responsibility of caring for students. The administrators and teachers must ensure children are protected from any foreseeable injury, harm, or death. Therefore, they must provide a safe environment for children by eliminating any dangers and supervise students while on the premises, buses or during educational trips. Some common causes of accidental injuries in schools include:

Playground Injuries

Playground injuries can be caused by unmaintained grounds, no adult supervision or broken and faulty playground equipment.


Unfortunately, one in four students has been involved in a fight while on a school’s premises, in functions or while travelling to and from the institution.

Sports Injuries

People who play sports are exposed to the risk of getting injured. However, a child can be injured while playing sports due to lack of adult supervision or coaching and poorly maintained playgrounds or equipment.


Children suffer mental, emotional, and even physical injuries inflicted by bullies.


What Happens if my Child Slips and Falls at School?

Children can get hurt if they are not properly trained on safe evacuation during disasters, poor planning, or failure to notify emergency responders early during disasters.

Parents’ Rights

All school have the responsibility of providing safe environments for your children when they are away from families and loved ones. They almost take the duty of parenting during the day, also known as loco parentis. Therefore, they must provide the child’s needs, including shelter, food, medication, accommodation and safety.


If your child gets hurt, the person liable for compensation will depend on where the child was hurt, the time of day the incident occurred, the degree of involvement the child had and whether it was a private or public institution. For instance, you can sue a private institution immediately and if it is public, you should first report to the district and file a claim with them before filing a suit. Moreover, if your child gets hurt during learning periods, the educational management will be held liable but if it wasn’t during learning hours, they won’t be held liable.

If your child was injured on school grounds, you have the right to file a claim for compensation of any damages sustained. However, the liable party will depend on where your child was hurt, at what time and his/her degree of involvement in the incident. Contact an attorney to get professional guidance on how to seek justice for your child.

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