Types of Sexual Harassment and Prevention Tips You Should Know

Types of Sexual Harassment and Prevention Tips You Should Know

Any sort of unsolicited sexual behavior or sexual advances that is insulting, embarrassing, or scary is referred to as sexual harassment. The harasser can be of any gender and be related to the victim in any way. Sexual harassment can take numerous forms, and harassers could be anyone in the organization. If you feel that you have faced sexual harassment at any point, please know that you are not alone and the best sexual harassment lawyer New York City is here to help you.

Types Of Sexual Harassment

There are different forms of sexual harassment. In this article, we will discuss the three most prevalent forms of sexual harassment which is physical, verbal, and visual.

Physical Harassment

Physical harassment happens when someone touches you inappropriately against your will. This type of harassment is considered as the one that’s most common in workplace violence. The victim is coerced, humiliated, terrorized, and uncomfortable as a result of physical harassment. Some examples of physical harassment are:

  • Inappropriately caressing or grasping someone, such as purposely grabbing someone’s breast.
  • Brushing or rubbing your body against someone on purpose.
  • Inappropriately kissing or embracing someone.
  • Touching another person’s body without permission.

Verbal harassment

Verbal harassment occurs when someone verbally makes you feel uncomfortable, threatened, and intimidated. Some examples of verbal harassment are:

  • Making inappropriate jokes.
  • Teasing someone sexually.
  • Making unsolicited sexual propositions. Asking for sexual favors.
  • Gossiping and disseminating false rumors about someone
  • Using obscene words and calling people names.

Visual Harassment

It occurs when someone exposes their private parts to another person without the victim’s consent or permission. This form of harassment makes the victim extremely uncomfortable and anxious. Some examples of visual harassment are:

  • Exposing private parts.
  • Sending another person pornographic photos or videos without their consent.
  • Displaying sexual gestures
  • Offensively staring at another person’s body and making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Putting insulting photographs or images in front of someone else without their permission.

What Do I Do If I Am Sexually Harassed at Work in Los Angeles?

Here Are Some Prevention Tips That Can Help Reduce Sexual Harassment In The Workplace.

Anti-Harassment Policies

Anti-harassment should be implemented in the workplace. All employees should be acquainted with anti-harassment rules. They should be strictly told that it is not permitted. The policy should outline how employers and employees should respond to harassment events.

Anti-Harassment Training

Anti-harassment training should be given to all employees. It will aid in the prevention of harassment and will encourage those who are harassed to come forward so that the situation may be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.


Educate and inform all employees against harassment on a regular basis.

Safe Workplace Environment

Ascertain that all managers and supervisors are aware of their responsibilities to maintain a harassment-free workplace. All allegations of harassment should be investigated and dealt with as soon as possible. Employees that harass other employees should be appropriately disciplined. Employees who believe they are being harassed should be protected and supported.


Sexual harassment is a crime. Being a victim and tolerating it is not a good choice. Stand up against it and raise a voice. Everyone around is there to help. Eventually, you will know that it will be beneficial.

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