Law Firm SEO Marketing Guide: Best Legal SEO Tips

Law Firm SEO Marketing Guide: Best Legal SEO Tips

There are over 1.33 million attorneys in the US.

This huge number of licensed attorneys in the US clearly shows the increasing competition in the field of law. With such high competition, acquiring new clients is a great struggle; and the struggle increases even more without a proper digital marketing strategy.

Before the popularity of the internet, people used to search Yellow pages for getting information about local law firms. But with the evolution of mobile technology and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, legal marketing has changed a lot. Now, it is necessary to build an effective lawyer SEO strategy to get more leads, referrals, and clients. It is possible to get favorable returns with a successful digital marketing plan by getting more clicks on your website.

Here we have summarized the basic steps of SEO for law firms. Read this article to understand the law firm SEO marketing.

Your Practical Law Firm SEO Guide

Optimize your lawyer websites

No one likes to go through each page of the website. They would like to surf a user-friendly website with a proper call to action. It lets your visitors take a call to action when they land on your website. Make your page appealing so they like to stay on your page and read the blog, fill out a contact form, or call your office.

Promote yourself as the authority in the legal industry. If your visitor doesn’t have a positive experience on your website, they are likely to click back to SERP. It will increase the bounce rate and signal Google that people are not satisfied with your website.

Professional Website Design

You are more likely to convert potential clients if users have a good experience with your legal website. But what makes your website good? Easy navigation, visually appealing, responsive, and valuable content together make a good website.

Provide informative content on your website to capture audience attention and convert them into clients. Your website content should effectively convey your law services and communicate how you are different from other law firm websites.

Build trust and authority by creating Youtube videos related to your firm and stand out in your industry. Make sure your videos show you as the top legal service in your area.

Responsive Website

A responsive website design makes sure that your website visitors have a good user experience, irrespective of the device they are searching from. If prospects cannot view your law firm’s website on their devices, you could lose potential clients. Also, the website should load faster to deliver a gratifying user experience.

Content Marketing

Sharing content can make or break your law firm’s SEO strategy. Legal experts get a strong platform to showcase their knowledge and expertise regarding their work.

Reading your blog posts the audience gets a better understanding of the legal services you provide. It also gives a certain level of credibility to your website. Your SEO strategy should focus on the content with keywords related to your legal services.

Speed Optimization

The loading time of your law firm website should match visitor’s expectations.

53% of visitors drive away from your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. The longer your page takes to load the more visitors you lose. Even websites get penalized by search engines for loading slowly.

Local SEO optimization for lawyer websites

To generate organic leads local SEO optimization is important. The top three SERP positions collect about 60% of clicks.

So, you are losing money to your competitors if your website is ranking below three. Analyze the strategies and work to compete with your competitors. However, the #1 ranking on Google cannot be achieved overnight. Search engine optimization needs a thorough technical knowledge of search engines. Therefore, a good legal SEO agency is required to lift the local SEO for your law firm’s website.

Google My Business Profile

To uplift local SEO, Google MY Business is the most effective tool. The consumers check for Google reviews before hiring an attorney, and consumers hardly trust an attorney with ratings less than 4 stars.

Keyword Research For Legal SEO

Keyword research is an important step for lawyer local SEO. For the success of SEO, understanding keyword research is critical. Each page of your law firm website should be optimized to the focus keyword.

The next important step is on-page optimization. And thereafter comes the off-page optimization. When all are executed effectively, you can rest assured to enjoy higher online visibility.

Wrapping up!

In the age of digital devices, high ranking websites for lawyers have become important. Organic keyword ranking becomes highly profitable over time and helps you build brand awareness and generate more ROI.

For law firms, it is priceless to rank #1 on Google. If you have a marketing budget, it is wise to invest in SEO strategies – it will expand your digital footprint. Stay tuned with this space for more such posts!

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