Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits

Have you heard about class action lawsuits? Maybe not, well you have nothing to worry about. I am going not just to explain to you, but also to give you a place where you can find the best attorney to handle your case successfully in a court of law. To begin, let us look at a class-action lawsuit, this can be well described as filing a case in court, where a group of people have suffered the same damage, either by purchasing similar products with damage. They normally sue the defendant as a group. For the residents of Israel, we have heard this kind of damage but have always lacked the best attorney to file a case on our behalf. I have good news for you, for those filing a class action lawsuits in Israel, through in-depth research, I landed on an attorney with an outstanding record. Having won cases against big profiled companies. Just by clicking on the above link, you will be on your way to getting their services, and you are assured of winning the defendant. Below are just a sample of the cases they have handled successfully.

S Systems Marketing Ltd

Attorney EddieBlitzstein filed a class lawsuit against this firm in  March 2019. He received complaints from the public about the defendant with a case of overlooking the consumer protection law. The case was won and the company repaid the clients the excess it had charged them on the services.

Jordanian Airline

Just the previous year, the airline had a case standing in court about the representatives for its board. Due to the vast experience by Artoney Blitzstein, the case was settled in favor oh him. You, therefore, have no reason that will stop you from choosing them to see your class action lawsuit decided in your favor.

Dead Sea Spa Hotel

As a result of misleading presentations on the dead sea hotel and the company that markets the hotel, Blitzstein filed a class-action lawsuit, that saw the victory to all the clients that had suffered being misled by the presentations.


In May 2019, the employees filed a lawsuit case through our company. The company had failed to accrue and give its employees the required days of vacation. As we all know, this is a big company and it only takes a very skilled and experienced attorney to win over their case in court. You are therefore assured of a successful class-action lawsuit for the damage you suffered.

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