5 Surprising, But Not Uncommon Causes Of Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of driving and happen every day. Most car accidents are a combination of human error and external conditions, with both factors contributing to the unfortunate result of an accident. There are many common kinds of car accidents. However, some circumstances surrounding many accidents are often surprising because most people do not consider them when they think about car accidents.

Road Layout Design

The layout and design of a road can contribute to accidents. Streets that contain blind turns, unpredicted stops or drops in speed limits, limited passing zones, or confusing navigation can all contribute to accidents. Most of these accidents are avoidable if the drivers involved paid more attention.

Blind turns can cause issues for drivers, as they are not able to see potential hazards on the road ahead of them. Should an animal or other obstruction be in the roadway, it could lead to a single-car accident at best and possibly result in a multi-car accident.

Unpredicted stops or drops in speed limits can cause unnecessary hazards in the roadway. Drivers not paying attention can easily rear-end cars in front of them that are following the rules of the road.

Limited passing zones, especially in areas of congested traffic, can result in drivers becoming frustrated and developing road rage. These frustrated drivers could make poor choices, including tailgating, aggressive driving, passing in a no-passing zone, etc.

Confusing navigation can also lead to car accidents. Drivers who are confused could stop abruptly, drive slowly, or change lanes suddenly, which creates a hazard for other drivers.

Car Accidents

Construction Zones

Construction zones can change traffic patterns, create additional driving hazards, and produce uneven roadways. An additional risk in construction zones includes construction vehicles parked and workers working close to moving traffic.

Changed traffic patterns can confuse drivers, causing them to brake suddenly, change lanes quickly, or drive too slowly.

Uneven roadways are unsafe at high speeds (which are usually illegal in construction zones) and prove especially hazardous to motorcycles.

Crosswalks and Pedestrian Traffic

Individuals crossing at crosswalks, or crossing roadways where no crosswalks are present, are an additional cause of traffic accidents. These accidents often result in an injury to the pedestrian, as they are often unable to protect themselves against moving vehicles.

Many pedestrians choose to cross streets when there is no crosswalk or indicated walkway for pedestrians. Doing so can prove especially difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians, as they are not expecting them to be there.

Pedestrians can also cause an accident if they choose to cross a crosswalk when the signal says, “do not walk.” Drivers will likely not expect pedestrians to cross at this time, which could cause them to hit the pedestrian or brake suddenly, potentially causing a multi-vehicle accident.

However, not all pedestrian accidents are the fault of the pedestrian. It is important to seek legal counsel from a pedestrian accident lawyer in Florida to explore your legal rights.

Car Accidents


Potholes are often the sworn enemy of vehicle drivers, and believe it or not, the culprit of many car accidents. Accidents when driving over potholes increase with the rate of speed at which the vehicle is traveling. 

At a lower rate of speed, potholes are often just a nuisance that jolts your car for a moment. At a higher rate of speed, a pothole could throw a driver off enough so that they cannot recover the vehicle, resulting in an accident.

Additionally, potholes could cause damage to the vehicle that could result in an accident immediately or in the near future.

Poor Car Maintenance

Surprisingly enough, poor car maintenance is a contributing factor to car accidents. Accidents that are often caused by poor maintenance include tires and brake pads. It is essential to check these regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and safe to be used on the roadways.

Amateur fixes can also lead to accidents. When in doubt, always seek the assistance of a professional. Even changing the headlights could lead to potential dangers on the roadway.

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