Anti-Money Laundering Programs: Stalwart Defenders Against a Criminal Triumvirate

Anti-Money Laundering Programs

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) of 1970 is a U.S. law targeted to fight money laundering – the illicit practice of making illegally obtained monies appear “clean” by filtering said funds through a series of transactions designed to give the appearance that the monies came from legitimate activities. In the decades since, the BSA has been bolstered and enforced by the implementation and oversight of better defined and ever-evolving anti-money laundering initiatives and programs. By 1987, regulators were examining financial institutions’ Anti-Money Laundering compliance programs for proper and effective implementation.…

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Risk Management In 5 Steps


Despite the impossibility for a company to foresee all the risks inherent in its project, the entrepreneur can detect some, the most frequent ones. Managing these risks requires the establishment of a strategic study. Before determining the stages of risk management, it is essential to determine its principles. Risk Management Principles Risks can be defined as a hazard that affects wealth and decisions. Risk management translates as a process for evaluating the benefits and costs of reducing risk and choosing the appropriate solutions. The decision must take into account the…

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Step By Step Process To Registration In Cis Scheme

Cis Scheme

HM Revenue and Customs have issued a scheme in the United Kingdom known as CIS (construction industry scheme) for the majority of contractors and subcontractors in the country. Deemed contractors are a business that deals with subcontractors and spends a specific amount during the period of three years on construction work. A typical contractor usually deals with construction while deemed contractors are primarily involved in property. Construction is not the heart of their business but they do spend a lot of money in this field on an annual basis. Under…

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Do You Need Cash Fast? Here Is What You Need to Do

Quite often, a lot of people get confused because of the fact that, every time you hear the word loan then immediately think about something they are going to have to pay for the rest of their lives, something with interest and something that they are definitely not supposed to be paying for. In most cases, people make the mistake of believing that, getting a loan is actually very, very bad. Do You Have a Bad Cash Flow? And yes, it is true that in some cases it can be…

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Cryptocurrency Review: Getting to Know New York Coin

Over the years, several digital currencies have been created for some specific purposes. Ethereum was created for Smart Contracts, while Ripple found a use as a payment protocol. There’s another option for the reality of modern life: New York Coin. New York Coin is designed to provide customers and merchants with an efficient and reliable alternative to the existing payment solutions. The payment protocol is not under the control of anyone. It upholds the the operating principle of most quality cryptocurrencies: decentralization, while ensuring a 30 second block time which…

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